AAS provide advanced and modern solutions
for the Supply Chain’s optimization.
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AAS provide advanced solutions for the Supply Chain’s optimization, tailored on Customer’s needs, with an high added value.

LTA - STOCK SUPPORTED AGREEMENTS: the most effective and efficient way to solve Lead Time, order’s MSQ, safety stock, quantity/price sensitive items, related problems.

CONSIGNMENT STOCK: Minimize the storage exposure assuring ideal parts’ availability levels for the assemblylines.

KITTING: the composition of specific assembly kits, dramatically reduces the lead times and line feeding errors, assuring the components’ full traceability.

KANBAN ON-SITE: in line delivery with automatic re-provisioning.


HARD-TO-FIND ITEMS: scouting Service via our expertized suppliers’ network.

E-COMMERCE: credit Card payment and immediate delivery for A.O.G. support.